British and Irish Lions Project

In 2016 The British and Irish Lions management board contacted us to help them complete a project to honour all the players that have represented the British and Irish Lions since its inception in 1888. They described the project as something they wanted each player to open up a part of their own history.

After many meetings and talks, it was decided that the honour cap would be the central focus of the award to the player. The first focus point  was what colour should the cap be, with the Lions over the years changing colours from blue to red. The decision was made to use the current colour scheme and then to match the exact red. The final decision was also made to what text needed to be on the cap and signify the personal nature of the cap to each Lion. As you will see with the image below the verdict was to keep the text as simple as Lion then the individual players lion’s appearance number.

The British and Irish Lions management were very keen for each player to be very proud of their personal number as this was theirs and theirs alone.

As we continued with talks, the management were very keen to make receiving your cap a real experience and loved the idea of the iphone packaging and what it stands for, when it arrives in the post. It tells a story when you open the lid and the tray with information on, then take away the tray and you have your desired product. The idea of having as much information about the individual players time with the Lions and their own specific tours was vitally important. The next job was to collate team photo’s from the tour the player went on, coupled with a brochure which was bespoke to the players, and finished off with a letter from the Chairman. As you will see below the package to each player was something very special.

The original idea was to send out the packages to Living Lions, but once close family members of deceased players heard of this from the delighted recipients, they couldn’t wait to get hold of their fathers/grandfathers piece of history.

This project as you can imagine was an absolute delight to be involved with. The British and Irish Lions were very specific in their need to keep this about the players and not make it a commercial activity. The many social media postings once players had received their parcel in the post was absolutely priceless. To be involved in such a huge piece of sporting history was something we will never forget here at Gentlemen and Players and it has certainly added to our ability to produce products for each and every sportsmen, honouring their career no matter at what level. The cap provides that memory and story, that is why we wall play sport !

The delight on Jeremy Guscott’s face with his prized British and Irish Lions cap.

The packing process at times was pretty emotional looking at so many caps earnt by legends of British and Irish rugby.